tutorial: hey amika how did you get that texture

ok a  bunch of people have asked me about my colours ive been posting lately and i think trade secrets are dumb and not hiding tricks up your sleeve keeps you on your toes. but yeah my textures are super easy, i consider it post processing.

- i’m using photoshop CC 2014 but im pretty sure you can do this with your version of photoshop. i’ve also had some people yell at me on twitter when i insinuate the GIMP isn’t a comparable program (unfortunately!) and insist that you can do anything in the GIMP that you can in photoshop, so, there you go.

- i’m doing this on a 300dpi image & you might want to mess around with some of these numbers if you’re working smaller than that.

Step 1: i colour my image. most of my shading happens in ink or not at all so my colouring is basically just flats & sometimes coloured lines. i only do shadow when i feel like i need to.


Step 2: i make a new layer on top of everything and fill it with any colour. then filter > noise > add noise, set it to 100%. i do uniform colour noise because i like the shimmery chromatic undertones but do w/e suits your purposes.

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